First of all – What is a Google Business Profile?

As a business owner, you likely already know that you have to have an online presence for your business. And while that includes having a website for the business, and possibly even a blog, it also includes having a Google Business Profile listing. In fact, I would contend that having a Google Business Profile is one of the most important online assets a business can have!

So, what exactly is this type of listing? And how does having one benefit you if you’re a small or local business owner?

To answer the latter question, consider that every second, Google receives 100,000 search requests. Every month, there are 160 billion searches made on the platform. That’s a lot of searching, and it proves how many people use Google to find information they’re looking for. But it’s not just general information (such as how to get stains out of carpet or how to measure carpets or windows). Many of those searches are for products and services which local businesses are selling in the very same community as the consumer.

Consumers know this, and it’s why they usually turn to Google to find products and services they’re looking for. Aren’t convinced yet? Consider the following stats regarding Google and local searches.

Did you know that:

  • 97% of customers learn about local businesses online, mainly through your Google Business Profile? and,
  • Over half of the interactions between businesses and customers in a Google Business Profile result in a store visit? or that,
  • 76% of users who search for local businesses in a Google Business Profile visit the store within one day to make a purchase? and that,
  • 88% of customers will visit a store within the same week after finding it on the stores Google Business Profile?, and,
  • In 2020 alone, there was a 61% increase in calls from Google Business Profiles?

Considering that most small businesses rely on local traffic and nearby consumers, the importance of these facts can’t be ignored by many small businesses (especially if their competition isn’t ignoring it!) .

Read my next post to learn about the many benefits a Google Business Profile listing could bring for your small business. Considering it’s Google that people go to for over 90% of local searches, doesn’t it make sense to want to use the tools Google offers small businesses – their fundamental tool being a Google Business Profile?

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