This Video Explains Why Businesses Should Post on Social Media

Sample of Our Posting


Sample Facebook Page – Roofing

NOTE: The sample posts at the link above were posts specific to roofing to show a sample of the quality of our work. It’s important to note however our actual posting for you would be a mix of posts to educate, inform, and entertain. So it won’t be to educate only – like the sample page.
The reason for this is because people on Social Media don’t want an infomercial. And that’s how they’d react if it were “industry only” posts. While they like learning about your industry and about your business, they’re on social media to “socialize”. So we sprinkle in a mix of humor, trivia, and clever quotes on different days of the week.
This helps your pospective customers begin to know, like, and trust you and your business as they are not only educated and informed – but entertained.
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