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A new car dealership can benefit greatly by having a separate website which focuses exclusively on their service shop. By having a dedicated website with relevant content about auto repair and maintenance services, the dealership can improve its search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and increase their visibility in search results.

This means having a separate website for the service shop can improve a dealership’s Google ranking for auto repair-related searches This is extremely important as more and more consumers turn to the internet to find answers when looking for auto repair and maintenance services.

Here are some ways dealers benefit:

  1. Targeted marketing: A separate website allows the dealership to focus their marketing efforts exclusively on auto repair and maintenance. This can help target customers who are specifically looking for these services, rather than diluting the message by promoting both sales and service on the same site.
  2. Improved online visibility: A separate website for the service shop can increase online visibility by allowing customers to easily find the repair and maintenance services they offer. This can attract more prospective customers by serving up what they’re looking for more quickly … which keeps them on the page longer … which helps increase their ranking in search engines because of relevancy.
  3. Better user experience: A separate website can offer a better user experience by providing a streamlined and easy-to-navigate platform dedicated solely to the dealership’s service shop. This can improve customer satisfaction with today’s “find it now” internet user.
  4. Enhanced credibility: A dedicated service shop website can also showcase their team of qualified technicians more prominently, along with their certifications and accreditations.
  5. Increased revenue: By promoting their service shop on a separate website, the dealership can potentially increase their revenue from auto repair and maintenance services. This can be especially important during slow periods for new car sales, as the service shop can provide a consistent source of revenue for the dealership. This will become even more important as the industry transitions to alternative forms of vehicles. Every competitive advantage matters!

In summary, a separate website dedicated solely to the service shop can provide a number of benefits, including targeted marketing (leading to better search engine results), improved online visibility, a better user experience, enhanced credibility, and increased revenue.

So have we made our case?

If you’d like to explore some timely options we’d love to have a conversation. Click the chat button in the lower left to arrange a free consultation which will have value for your business and will NOT be a waste of your time!

NOTE: A dedicated website doesn’t replace or do away with the dealers current site ( which stays exactly as it is). This is in addition to. It’s a separate site designed to rank higher in search results when consumers are looking for auto repair and maintenance services.

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